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tv talk

 After losing to Himesh Reshammiya in the previous episode, Shaan was thirsty for a win.

In the episode, to be aired on January 2, he pre-plans to go all out in his match against Shreya and proves to be an energetic captain cheering his team by supporting them; backing up their vocals with his voice. The other captains, especially Himesh, are stunned to see Shaan in this aggressive form.
Himesh confesses that he believed that he (Himesh) was a very smart captain but after seeing Shaan, his belief has disappeared and Shaan has beaten him hollow on all accounts. Himesh says that it was an amazing experience to watch the vigorous side of Shaan. Watch the programme every Saturday at 9 pm.

Spicy Moroccan cuisine
Morocco - the name itself evokes exotic images. Moroccan cuisine has strong roots in tradition and is rated as the best in the world.
 In this episode, viewers learn that sharing is an integral part of the culinary experience, that spices are the heart of Moroccan cuisine and that each dish has the signature of its creator.
Furthermore, Planet Food provides viewers with a variety of recipes as well as background on the national drink of Morocco, mint tea and the national dish, Couscous.
Planet Food airs at 9 pm on December 31 on Discovery Travel and Living.

Merging of talents
Tune into Sony Entertainment Television for The 9th Indian Telly Awards 2009  on December 31 at 8 pm. Beautiful and talented Bollywood actress Rani Mukherji receives a special award on the show. Watch sizzling performances by Rakhi Sawant, Ragini Khanna, Hussain, Parul Chauhan and many more popular actors.

Revealing the truth
Viewers of Jyoti will soon witness an interesting twist in the serial. After revealing the truth to Pankaj (Sarvar Ahuja) about her real sister Sushma (Shrinidhi Shetty), Jyoti (Sneha Wagh) is about to give Pankaj a second shock. Pankaj takes Jyoti to a restaurant to celebrate their marriage anniversary where he gifts Jyoti a beautiful ring.
Before accepting the gift, Jyoti tells Pankaj that she has some important information to share with him. She tells him about the circumstances that made it necessary for her to introduce Sushma as their maid. She tells him that it was a big humiliation for her when her real sister was called a maid and asked to work in her house during her in-laws’ marriage anniversary.
She also explains how Brij (Sameer Sharma) was associated with her and later, he cheated on Sushma and misled her. Jyoti goes on to tell Pankaj that Brij is not a good person and his main intention is to make money by blackmailing her. Her family had also lodged a police complaint against him but during his arrest, they (Jyoti and Pankaj) reached the venue on time and the situation went upside down.
Jyoti also tells Pankaj that as Brij is getting involved in his (Pankaj) family matters, she can’t handle it anymore and that’s why she thought of disclosing the truth to him. Pankaj gets disappointed and leaves the restaurant. Will Pankaj accept Jyoti? To know more, watch Jyoti every Monday to Friday on NDTV Imagine at 8.30 pm.

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