Whoop it up!

Whoop it up!

Dr Vijayshree Ravi will be hosting a small party on New Year’s Eve for her family and close friends. She has been throwing this bash for over ten years now.

“We will be playing some hit Bollywood and Tamil numbers at the party as they are in,” she says. “My sons are keeping the music mix ready, so we will be playing all the greatest hits of the year,” she says.
Apoorva, a student of second PUC, has no plans for the Eve at present. But she loves listening to peppy numbers on New Year’s Eve.

“The music should be something that makes you happy,” she says. “I like to listen to those special party CDs — the ones that consist of remixes of popular numbers.”
David Gideon is an event organiser, who owns a resort on new Airport Road. He has not only been organising events and parties since his school days, but also has been throwing New Year bashes every year at his resort.
“Personally, I am a 1980s guy, so I love the music of ABBA and Boney M along with a bit of hard rock.”

So a majority of the tracks that David will be playing at his resort this New Year’s Eve will also belong to the 1980s.
“Since the youngsters these days like hip hop, we will be playing that as well.”
Kannada songs are extremely popular amongst youngsters too. Says Kiran Kumar, an engineer, “I listen to Kannada songs most of the time, with my favourites being the romantic numbers sung by Sonu Nigam.”

Even on New Year’s Eve, Kiran plans to listen to some of the Kannada hits of 2009. “Like Nee Sanihake Bandare from Maleyali Jotheyali and Neenendare Nanage Ishta Kano from Raam,” he adds.
Mohasin, a popular Bangalore-based DJ, notes that Bollywood numbers are extremely popular at most New Year parties.
“It depends on the crowd that you are playing for. But Bollywood numbers are the most popular, especially at open air events,” he feels.
“If you are playing at a house party, then the music depends on the host. Besides, there should be more sing-along tracks,” says Mohasin.
“New Year’s Eve is probably the biggest night of the year for DJs, and we look forward to it every year,” he sums up.

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