Sate the sweet cravings

Sate the sweet cravings


Sate the sweet cravings

Most Indians will confess to having a sweet tooth. And one cannot blame them, given the great variety of sweets available, which are too much to resist! And winter is the season to sate those sweet cravings and tuck in those rich, feel-good sweets and desserts.

There are many sweet dishes that can be enjoyed at their best during the winters like barfi, balushahi, Bengali rasgulla, gajar ka halwa, mawa kachori, rawa laddoo and moong dal ka halwa.

According to chef Deepak, “One can make innovative sweet dishes this winter like baked boondi rabri, shahi tukra, badam ka sheera, ice cream ke pakore, etc. And the key ingredients that are used to make sweet dishes, which gives them distinct flavours, are desi ghee, cardamom, pista, kesar, dry fruits and honey, along with turmeric, saffron or khajur, which are added to give warmth during winter.”

Adding to the list of exotic sweet dishes is Ratib Al Ghriwati, an executive chef who says, “Cinnamon oranges — a simple dessert works any time of the year, but its flavours will be the best in winter when oranges are found in best of their quality. Another is broiled mango, as it brings out its inherent sweetness and a squeeze of tart lime juice balances it out.

One can try this with pineapples as well. Satisfy your chocolate craving with a drizzle of melted chocolate over banana slices for an easy treat. Grilled apples with cheese and honey is another great dessert to have during winter.”

Chef-turned-entrepreneur, Karan Talwar says, “We have added a plethora of sweets and desserts to our menu especially for winter. These include sesame seeds sprinkled on jalebi, khajur ke gud ka baked halwa, chiwade ka halwa, etc. Winter is a great time to indulge in sweets as it keeps the body warm and one energetic throughout the day. It’s a time when one can give it a healthy twist by adding jaggery as it generates a distinct sweetness and flavour to the dish.”

Chef Sushmit Daniels underlines the importance of  garnishing a sweet dish. “A well-garnished dessert always looks complete. Especially when it comes to mousse cakes, garnishing it adds a really royal and lavish look. Roasted nuts and raisins look tempting too. One can also play around with fruits as a perfect garnish. Poached pears, grapes, mangoes add colour as well as a great taste to the sweet dishes. Chocolate granules too go well with the sweet dishes, which makes them tasty and flavourful.”

So, this winter choose the sweet dish which will satisfy your sweet cravings!