Nitish mocks Modi on Gujarat model of development

Nitish mocks Modi on Gujarat model of development

Former Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar today slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for drum beating 'Gujarat Model of Development' and cited an incident of a buffalo hitting a plane at Surat Airport to highlight the truth of development in the western state.

Strongly contesting portrayal of development in Gujarat during poll which created an impression particularly among the younger generation as "if towns of Gujarat have even gone ahead of Japan", Kumar cited the incident of collision of a buffalo with a flight with 150 passengers on board at Surat last night on his facebook account.

"By grace of God a big accident was averted at Surat Airport last night," he said putting a picture of a buffalo alongside the comment.

He also drew the attention of filmstar Amitabh Bachchan to the incident as Bachchan has been advertising tourism potential of Gujarat.

"Through photoshop portrayal of development in Gujarat BJP befooled people in the general election," said the JD(U) leader. "What was the buffalo doing at the Airport in the state which claims surpassing all milestones of development? Had it been election times facebook and twitter would have been splashed with information that Gujarat has such advance Airports where even a buffalo could ride an aeroplane or Modijee has generated buffalo through genetic engineering which could board a running flight," he said sarcastically.

"Advertisement of Gujarat tourism could have come on social media by now showing Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan is making a journey from Surat with a buffalo sitting on his adjacent seat with the star saying "ur ke dekho Bhais ke saath kucch deen gujaro Gujarat mein (enjoy flying with buffalo, spend some days in Gujarat)," he said in the mocking remarks.

"Modijee could have said he has developed diary to the extent that fresh milk and tea made out of it is available on board the flight," he said.

"Buck would not have stopped here. BJP in Uttar Pradesh would have roared that buffalo has 56 inch chest and party leaders in Bihar would have convened a press conference to alleg that buffalo in Bihar has lagged behind to Gujarat due to Nitish Kumar," he jokingly said. 

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