For your eyes only

For your eyes only

It is sometimes a struggle waking up in the morning, especially after not having slept well. But one can fake the appearance of a good night’s sleep with some make-up.

From a few tips on how to apply eyeshadow to a mini-lesson in applying mascara, here are six pointers that can make anyone bright-eyed even on the gloomiest day:
n  Don’t skimp out on the nude liners: Use a nude eyeliner on the water line whenever you think you are exhausted. This will help get rid of the redness and make you look awake.

- Get fuller lashes with powder: Sweeping powder over your eyelashes is a great way to make them thicker and elongate the wear of your mascara. Try holding a piece of tissue underneath your bottom lashes when applying mascara to them; this protects the skin from being smeared with mascara while allowing you to be more thorough with the mascara application.

- Refresh with eyedrops: Put in eye drops just before you have a photo taken, especially if your eyes are tired, and it wakes you up - your eyes look fresh and rested.

-Double up on your product supply: Try applying a combination of eyewear - a lengthener and a thickener, maybe. It can always help to have more than one mascara in your bag.

-Use a bright eyeshadow: To look well-rested, even though you aren’t, trying using colours like white. Dust the eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes and enhance it with some lash-defining mascara.

-Perfect eye-opening liner: Find what suits your eyes and put on the appropriate make-up. Try styles like cat-eyes and blend in with the crowd. Accentuate with various colours of the day and keep it peppy.