Controversial guidelines on girls safety issued by PU body

Controversial guidelines on girls safety issued by PU body

Controversial guidelines on girls safety issued by PU body

In an overreaching move citing safety, Pre-University College Principals Association has asked colleges to keep a watch on activities of girl students, by collecting information on their behaviour after obtaining due permission from parents.

The guidelines drafted by the association, circulated to colleges in Bengaluru south, also advises the colleges to keep an eye on who accompanies girl students before and after their college hours and about their behaviour with that person, in case of any suspicion.

The association came out with the guidelines after having deliberations on the issue of girl students safety at the pre-university level at a meeting held on August 27.
The association in its guidelines issued in the form of a catalogue, released recently, has advised colleges to formulate women's committee and give adequate importance to safety of girl students coming to their colleges.

The catalogue comprising 34 points has the nomenclature of the Deputy Director Pre-University Education Department, Bengaluru south, printed on it but the department said the guidelines were not issued by it.

"Department has nothing to do with it, it was not issued by the department. It is done by the Principals Association," Pre University Education Department Joint Director R H Ritti said.

Admitting that the department was aware of the guidelines, he said, "We will have a look at it in a meeting with the association, where our Director also will be there, probably on Monday."

The guidelines advocate banning use of mobile phones in colleges, compulsory display of photo identity cards by staff and students during college hours, priority for women while recruiting security staff who will have to keep vigil on the activities of girl students.

It also talks about being vigilant on students going outside class between the periods, marking attendance in every period and informing parents of those students who have been absent for a long period of time.

Colleges have also been advised to collect information regarding the timings at which the student leaves from his home to college and vice-versa and giving suitable guidance on finding any suspicious activity.

They have also been advised to hold regular parents meetings with the college women's committee, and also constitute a college disciplinary committee.