Prayer is spiritual capital

Prayer is spiritual capital

It is he alone who constantly saves his devotees. We are aware of our prayers to God, but are we aware of the love that God has for us, and how he saves us often without our being aware of his unalloyed Grace?”

Accordingly, divine grace is ever present but we need to ask ourselves if we have the faith, devotion and surrender to experience it’s working. The act of surrender causes God to carry our burden. Our task lies in aligning our actions in a way that is in harmony with nature.

“Always serve God and God will always hear you and help you. He is the reason for all that there is around us. If we wish to preserve it, God's Grace is essential. If we want access to that Grace, we must follow in God's footsteps.

We must constantly offer our prayers to his lotus feet in the same way that Sri Hanuman closely held Sri Rama and Sita Devi in his heart. That is why Sri Hanuman is known as the ultimate devotee. Service to God is the surest way to absolute bliss."
"We must always strive to be happy in our lives.

Shortcomings should be ignored. What needs to happen will happen at the appropriate time. We must live our lives by firmly clinging on to that belief. Such belief is belief in God. This is the surest means to live a happy, peaceful and contented life. Such happiness will in turn bring success in not just our working lives, but in our families and all around us."

Sadguru Murali Krishna always exhorts his devotees to pay attention to the inside and not to the outside.  As he powerfully expresses it: “There will always be shortcomings and deficiencies in worldly existence. There is no need to look at them.

God is ever present in both the king and the beggar. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Both the king and the beggar face challenges. The beggar faces fewer challenges than the king.”

“He has nothing to protect. It is faith and faith alone that saves us. We must have firm faith in ourselves. Always approach God with faith. Dharma (righteousness) is God. Where there is adharma, (unrighteousness) God will take birth to fulfill his will. When you buy a car, you may know driving or even have a driver; but know that it is the Guru alone, who can show you the way. Practice self-belief. That is genuine prayer, meditation and penance.”