'Kanakadasa had fought against injustice'

Grand procession add colour to Kanaka Jayanthi celebrations

'Kanakadasa had fought against injustice'

Kanakadasa has fought against injustice and inequality in society, said Kannada studies centre, Hampi Kannada University Head B M Puttaiah.

Speaking at Kanakadasa Jayanthi programme organised by the district administration and Kannada and Culture department here on Saturday, he said that through ‘haribhakti’ movement, he had tried to bring in harmony in society. Literary works that indulge in praising a person has no value in the society. Literary works should oppose inequality and discrimination in the society. One should follow the principles of Kanakadasa.

Kanakadasa was not only a great saint, but also a poet who gave a philosophical dimension to his Dasa literature.ZP President Bhagya Ranganath said that Kanakadasa’s contribution to the field of Kannada literature is immense.

MLA B B Ningaiah said that there is a need to bring in changes in the society.
MLC Gayatri Shanthe Gowda said that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has promised to release Rs one crore to Kannada Bhavana.

In his presidential address, MLA C T Ravi said that Kanakadasa has not become a big man through his caste. His achievement in his life made him a great man.  
CMC President Pushparaj, DC Shekarappa, ZP CEO Priyanka Mary Francis and SP R Chetan among others were present.

The portrait of Kanakadasa was taken out in a procession from old taluk office. The procession included 'Naadaswara,' 'Hallivadya,' 'Veeragase,' 'Dollukunita,' and 'Keelukudure.' The decked ox belonging to Hampapura Padme Gowda was another attraction at the procession.

Madikeri MLA M P Appachu Ranjan said that through keerthane, Kanakadasa has given a message to society. He was speaking at Kanaka Jayanthi celebrations in Madikeri.

ZP President Chodumada Shareen Subbaiah said that Haridasa tradition has a history of 500 years. Kanakadasa had worked to eradicate inequality.

Saraswati DEd College Principal Srikumar said that Dasa sahitya period under Kanakadasa is considered as a golden era in the Kannada literature.

The MLA released a handbook on Kanakadasa brought out by Information department. CMC President Julekabi, Additional DC Abhiram G Shankar, CMC Commissioner B B Pushpavathi among others were present.

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