We want to be ruthless, says Kohli

We want to be ruthless, says Kohli

Having captained India to two convincing wins in as many matches, Virat Kohli said he wants the team to be ruthless.

“I think it’s more important when we are winning to underline the things that you can improve on and the things that didn’t go right in that particularly game,” he said when asked about if the team has looked to work on its concerns.

“I think what are trying to achieve is being ruthless rather than letting situations (slip away). In the past, we have seen that we have got eight wickets and let the last two players to get away with it. So, collectively we have decided as a team to keep the foot on the pedal and not let the opposition get away with anything.

“If you want to be ruthless, if you want big and convincing wins, it’s very important to address the issues that happen when you score a resounding win so that you can increase the margin of victories and improve on those small little areas. That’s the kind of hunger and that’s kind of vision that we are trying to instil into this team going into the World Cup,” he elaborated.  

Kohli said he was not thinking of series win at this point in time. “We are taking every math like a knockout game and looking to win every game that we play. So we are not really thinking about being 2-0 up. It’s just one game at a time for us and looking to execute the plans that we make before every game. That’s the kind of mind-set we want to build going into a tournament like the World Cup where come a knockout game, we play just one game and we are out.”

While he has said on more than one occasion that this series against Sri Lanka will be used to try different players at different slots, Kohli maintained that these experiments will only within the core group.

“As far trying youngsters, I think we have to keep in mind that we have to take the team that is close-knit going into the World Cup,” he pointed out. “We have to let those players perform their roles better rather than experiment too much at this point of time. It’s about finding the right combination and perfect combination that we feel 100 per cent sure of going into the World Cup. At this stage, we have to be sure that these are the 11 players that are going to do the job for us and each one has a different role in the team. I think it’s about cementing that rather than experimenting too much,” he reasoned.
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