Love for nature greens her canvas

Love for nature greens her canvas

Meera Dayal’s latest exhibition of paintings in ‘Inscapes II’, make viewers think deeply not just about nature, but also about her vulnerability.

“I ask viewers to approach each painting as a pure and unique experience, a flight into the unknown, without preconceptions and preparation because each painting speaks for itself,” said Dayal.

Dayal’s relationship with nature is deep rooted. Having spent a large part of her childhood in the foothills of the Himalayas, the relationship was gradually nurtured and had a huge impact on her sensibility, laying the foundation of her work.

“My message for everyone is to preserve nature. We should all nurture it rather than destroy it in the name of development. Trees are essential for the environment and fight pollution in urban areas, so why don’t we plant trees instead of building concrete blocks,” she urged.

Dayal, who​ ​has spent almost five decades painting, hopes to bring about a change in the viewer to take an initiative and help stop the destruction of nature we see all around us.

Talking about her turning point in life, she, said, “Paris was a turning point in my life. It widened my horizons and I learned a lot about western painting through the ages. Even as a child I used to dream of being an artist in Paris, as I had read books about French artists ever since I can remember,”she said. Dayal has largely been working in oils, acrylics, pastels, mixed media, pen and ink, water colours, etc.  

Another feather in her cap is her interest in textiles. She has worked for an export company designing textiles, embroideries, handicrafts and jewellery for stores and at the same time she continued to draw and paint and carry forward her love for art. She has also designed book covers and did illustrations for many leading publishers as well.

The exhibition, ​‘Inscapes II’ is on till November 16 at A​nnexe Art Gallery, IIC, ​Lodhi Road.