Protesters demand plan to check Souparnika river pollution

Protesters demand plan to check Souparnika river pollution

The Kotachadri Hitharakshana Samithi and Parashuramasene, Kollur staged a protest, demanding the purification of river Souparnika and its tributaries  Agnitheertha and Kashitheertha, here at the temple premises.

Speaking on the occasion, Kemaru mutt seer Sri Esha Vittaladasa Swamiji said that the fight taken up by him and his followers is against the system and not against any individual. It is a fight to save the river that is being polluted massively.

He said “we had impressed upon the district administration on February 26, on the need to check the effluents from hotels and lodges entering the river. However, the district administration had failed to initiate action in this regard.”

The seer said that the temple administration has also failed to provide basic infrastructure facilities to the devotees.

Kotachadri Hitharakshana Samithi President K K Sabu alleged that there was no UGD system in Kollur. If the authorities fail to initiate measures to check pollution, then the Samithi will intensify its protest. Temple Administration Head Krishnaprasad Adyanthaya said that the temple administration has taken up cleanliness drive in the temple premises and also in the river Souparnika and its tributaries. He said that the temple administration was expecting the district administration to take up work on a full-fledged UGD system. However, the district administration has failed to take up the work. The temple authorities have already chalked out a plan to take up the work on UGD in a phased manner. In the last four months, measures were taken to clean river Souparnika and its tributaries  Agnitheertha and Kototheertha.

He said the effluents from temple lodges and waste from the dining hall passes to a STP. After the secondary treatment, water is discharged into the river.
Adyanthaya said plans have also been chalked out for the temporary UGD system. The permanent UGD system will take atleast two years to complete.

He said the work on temporary drainage system will take atleast four months to complete. A crematorium is constructed at a cost of Rs 38 lakh.
He said a chain mesh fencing on either sides of Agnitheertha will be built at a cost of Rs 35 lakh to avoid the devotees from throwing the garbage into the river. He added a revetment wall will be built connecting Agnitheertha and the vented dam. The proposal for two vented dams have been prepared. One vented dam will be constructed immediately at a cost of Rs 50 lakh.

He added that to solve the drinking water problem in Kollur , a vented dam will be built at a cost of Rs one crore. The roads leading to river Souparnika  bathing unit will be interlocked at the cost of Rs 40 lakh.

He regretted that the panchayat has failed to make use of cesspool owned by the temple. He urged the local body to share the responsibility to set up an adequate drainage system at Kollur.

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