'The essence of music is getting lost'


'The essence of music is getting lost'

He has been in the music industry since the 90s (where he was barely a kid) and is probably one of the oldest DJs in the country.

But Tuhin Mehta denies it as he says, “There were many DJs even those days but I guess I managed to stick on! It’s easy to become a DJ. But difficult to stay relevant.”

That’s why Tuhin ensures that every set of his is spontaneous and has something for all.

“There is always the chance that the crowd may not like what you have planned. That’s why I have never prepared a set. It’s always good as an artiste to feel the energy of the crowd and also feed of its energy,” he says.

 Over the years, the music scene has seen a number of changes as he notes, “The scene changed with whole internet boom — from CDs to MP3s. Today if I want to play a new track, I can just buy it on my way to my show!” 

The popular DJ will be playing in the City during the weekend as part of ‘RESET’, a techno music festival that showcases Indian talent.

“Bengaluru is special and has always been musically profound,” he notes.
 Talking more about the festival, he says, “It’s all about tech and techno. Everyone plays back-to-back and collaborates. Each one of us has our own inspirations and when we put together our roots, the combination becomes a new experience for the listeners. It’s like two painters painting the same picture in their own style,” says Tuhin who will be performing with DJ Jitter, aka Jayanth from New Delhi.

“The festival is all about presenting tech and techno music without glitz. So there is no fancy decor — just the DJ, dancers and music! After all, this kind of music is best experienced in dark halls so the set-up will be like that of a warehouse. It’s music for the body, which makes you dance. The key lies in simplicity.” 

According to Tuhin, being a DJ is “not just about playing music but also presenting the music that we love”.

“Today, there is a lot of pressure on DJs to play new music. But one should always remember to play good music as not every popular track may be a good one. It’s like comparing a burger from a star food chain to a gourmet burger!” he jokes.

The music-lovers nowadays get distracted fast too, he feels.

“Earlier, a classic was something that stood the test of time. But today, even the music from a year ago is termed as classic. Everyone is in a quest for newer music so the essence of music is getting lost,” he laments.
   Tuhin not only enjoys dance music but also rock and country.

“There is so much more to music than one genre. I have grown up listening to Neil Diamond, Cliff Richards and Harry Belafonte. Today, I am rediscovering country. It’s great to listen to a non-dance music which has so much energy,” he informs. 

Watch Tuhin Mehta live at ‘RESET’ on November 15 at CounterCulture, Whitefield, 3 pm onwards.

Tickets for the gig are available on http://resetindia.com for Rs 750, as well as on the day of the show at the venue.

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