'It's easier to shoot in your own city'

Makeover Time

'It's easier to shoot in your own city'

Actress Sindhu Loknath loves sporting different looks for her films. She has been quite busy with shooting and is excited about her soon-to-be-released movies, Love in Mandya and Jai Bajrangbali.

While she plays a talkative village belle in the romantic comedy, Love in Mandya, she is an NRI girl from Malaysia who comes to India for the first time, in Jai Bajrangbali.

The two characters are contrast to each other.

Ask Sindhu, which role is closer to her personality, and she quickly says, “Neither of them!”

She adds, “The role in Love in Mandya wasn’t that hard to play since it’s a simple character. But in Jai Bajrangbali, the mannerisms played a big role.”

Prod her further about the role and she says, “In the movie, the character comes to India for the first time, and is surprised by everything that she sees. I had to act like I was experiencing the culture and language for the first time.”

Sindhu says that she had to go for a makeover for the role.

Having had straight hair, Sindhu had always wanted to know how it would look when she got curls and her character in Jai Bajrangbali demanded just that.

“I had to go through a long process for that. I had to get permanent curls done. I’ve had straight hair since I can remember and there was not much styling I could do with it. I always wanted to know how I would look in curly hair,” she says. 

She says that it’s a nice feel to have a different look once in a while.

“But, it is really difficult to manage curly hair. I have realised that my straight hair was much better,” she says.

“My role is glamorously shown through the movie,” says Sindhu about her character.

She recollects that her director was particular about the mannerisms and her attire in the movie.

“There is a scene in the movie where I’m sporting a pair of shorts and riding a bike,” she says.

“I love riding bikes. In the movie, I’m riding a Bullet as well as an old geared Vespa scooter. Riding the bike wasn’t a problem but balancing was a bit difficult. I’m five feet six inches tall so I could put my foot down. On the scooter, I had to balance a camera which was fixed to the scooter, drive around the City and say some dialogues, which was challenging,” she says. 

Most of Jai Bajrangbali is shot in Bengaluru.

She says, “It’s easier to shoot in your own city. It’s much more comfortable as I can go back home after the shooting.”

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