When music becomes the muse


When music becomes the muse

Priyanka Menon, a final-year student of National Institute of Fashion Technology, merges music and art to create magical illustrations.

The artist has let her pencils and water-colours do all the talking by interpreting the lyrics of different songs and illustrating them.

She describes her drawings as simple and straight-from-the-heart.

Though drawing is a stress-buster for her, her illustrations display depth and a fine perspective.  

Her playlist is diverse as it contains tunes ranging from Carnatic keerthanams to tracks of ‘Dream Theatre’.

The tracks of ‘Coldplay’ have left a lasting impression on her and her illustration of ‘Fix You’ is the closest to her heart.

Her works are also inspired by the songs of ‘Nirvana’, ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Porcupine Tree’. “I like unique and magical tunes,” she explains. 

Ask her how she converts the tunes into drawings and she says, “I draw whatever I feel the very instance I listen to the song. I don’t put much thought into it. My illustrations are my own interpretations.” 

Though she isn't bothered about the techniques much, she loves working with water ink and soft pastels.

Priyanka has been passionate about both art and music even since she was in school.

As a child, she would always carry a sketch pad and a black pen, she recalls. She would even scribble down the lyrics that influenced her the most.

Her inclination towards art started when her dad gifted her a box of water-colours. At that time, she didn't have the slightest clue about what to do with them.

It was only when dad showed her how to work with them that she was drawn into the world of colours.
Since then, there has been no looking back for her. As her love for art bloomed, she started illustrating songs.

She also illustrates quotes and verses from poems that have touched her deeply.

She completes her sketch in 30 minutes if she does it at a stretch. But her busy schedule leaves her with little time to complete her sketches in one sitting.

When asked if she wants to pursue art as a career, she says, “I could give it a try. I haven’t given it much thought.” 

For her, music and art are like the two sides of a coin.

Though she does not like the commercialisation of art, she hopes that artists get more opportunities even as they retain the sanctity of the art.

Priyanka enjoys plugging off from the real world and entering the world of art as during this time, her music becomes her muse!

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