'All Bollywood actresses have similar hairstyles'

'All Bollywood actresses have similar hairstyles'


'All Bollywood actresses have similar hairstyles'

Blow drying the long hair of an Indian girl she instils faith that the tresses are in experienced hands and tells Metrolife, “Even in UK, girls who have long hair are scared to cut them short.

And majority of girls in our country have long hair. What is challenging is to give them a new style while retaining the length.” 

The expert talking about the common hair concerns of women is Emily Schofield, International Style Director of Lakmé Absolute Salon, presently in India giving style tips and catwalk hairstyles to young Indian fashionistas. 

Known for her expertise in hair styling, Schofield confesses “Originally I wanted to be a police officer. But during the two-week work experience in school they had put me in a salon and 18 years later I am still here,” she laughs.

On her fourth trip to India since 2011, the hair expert feels that “The number of people willing to adopt the trend is increasing in India. Since the first time I visited here, there are more trend-driven people now. It is not just the length with which Indian girls are ready to experiment but also the colour. Red and violet look great on the Indian skin and girls are opting for these colours.”

“But in near future the trend will shift to experimenting with fringes, especially since most want to maintain the length. Though the condition of hair of Indians is better than those in the West, since the latter tend to experiment too much with chemical, colour without professional help,” informs Schofield. 

According to her simple hairstyles can be tweaked a bit to give a new look. 

“Even to just go to work or for shopping a slightly different pony tail can be tried. These classify as catwalk hairstyles for backstage fashion events we do. Bring a little difference to a style and create a new one!”

Having attended Indian traditional weddings in the United Kingdom, she is thrilled at the thought of witnessing one in India. 

“They are big in UK. But all the brides have similar ideas in mind. They should seek expert advice,” she says.

Even in Bollywood, she observes, “All actresses are very similar. It feels great to see them when they experiment with their hairstyles and go a little shorter. I therefore like this girl,” she says providing clues to Metrolife to guess the name, “Kalki Koechlin. She changes her hairstyle quite regularly. I think others should also try to be different. Infact, I would encourage them to do something drastic!”