Forced to clean ambulance to get his wife treated

Forced to clean ambulance to get his wife treated

A man was ‘forced’ to clean an ambulance to get his wife to the hospital for treatment in Aligarh district, about 400 kilometres from here.

According to the reports, Rajkumar, a resident of Mirza Chandpur village in the district, had asked for an ambulance to carry his pregnant wife to the community health centre in Akbarabad on Monday.

The ambulance arrived several hours later and as a result, the lady delivered a baby inside the ambulance even before starting her journey to the hospital, reports said.

The ambulance driver reportedly told Rajkumar that he would not take his wife to the hospital unless he cleaned the ambulance, which had become ‘dirty’ following a delivery.

“I kept pleading with the driver to take my wife to the hospital as she was bleeding profusely but the he refused. As a result, I had to clean the ambulance,” he alleged.

The district health authorities said the matter was serious. “We will conduct a probe into the matter. It is very serious. The attendants cannot be asked to clean the ambulance,” said the local health officials.

Earlier also, there have been reports of UP doctors and hospital staff displaying insensitivity toward the patients. There have been allegations that the doctors often refused to treat the patients unless their palms were greased.