Digital cameras push traffic signal jumpers behind the line

Digital cameras push traffic signal jumpers behind the line

Delhi Traffic Police have been using digital cameras for the last few weeks to deal with the menace of motorists jumping traffic signals.

The result is visible on traffic junctions in the capital as most motorists are now stopping before the zebra crossing.

Without issuing any warning, traffic policemen armed with cameras now step in front of vehicles which have overstepped the stop signal and snap pictures of their number plates. No questions from the offenders are generally answered by those policemen.

Drivers who have sped away are snapped too. Challans are then issued to their registered addresses.

“In this drive, against those skipping traffic signals, digital cameras have been issued to traffic policemen at some special junctions in the city. I have personally been to some junctions and seen a change in the attitude of motorists,” Special CP (Traffic) Muktesh Chander told Deccan Herald.

Policemen were also seen springing a surprise on motorists at junctions which do not generally see the presence of traffic policemen.

Initially, many motorists were caught unaware of the drive and some even posed for the cameras when policemen clicked pictures.

Some deciphered what was happening and tried to back away from the line.

Traffic department officers say the drive has led to more prosecutions in less time and without having to indulge in confrontations with the stubborn offenders.

“It is not possible to issue so many challans on the spot. Motorists had been taking advantage that police went only after those who jumped the traffic signals and fled and not those who overstepped the zebra crossing,” said another officer.

At many places, policemen are letting offenders go with a warning. But even that is helping bring some discipline on the roads, police say.

“The traffic personnel have been instructed not to gather at one spot. They are now standing at different points at traffic signals. This sends signals to motorists that they are being watched,” said Chander.

He said motorists have begun to respect traffic signals and the policemen.

“When policemen blow the whistle, many traffic signal jumpers have begun to stop and move behind the lines,” said Chander.