US to honour Mother Teresa with stamps

US to honour Mother Teresa with stamps

US to honour Mother Teresa with stamps

The US Postal Service on Wednesday said Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa and Hollywood actress Katharine Hepburn will be honoured in 2010 with their own mail stamps.

Another 2010 stamp will highlight the Negro leagues of professional baseball, a refuge for black athletes in the decades before Jackie Robinson broke Major League Baseball's color barrier in 1947.

The US Postal Service every year puts out stamps honoring significant individuals, events, cultural touchstones and geographic landmarks.

The stamp honouring Mother Teresa, an ethnic Albanian who died in India in 1997 after devoting her life to helping the sick and poor, shows the Roman Catholic nun smiling and wearing her customary shawl.

The late Katharine Hepburn will receive a Postal Service stamp as part of its "Legends of Hollywood" series.

The stamp's image comes from a 1940s publicity photo of Hepburn, a four-time Oscar winner who starred in films "The African Queen" and "Bringing Up Baby."

Also, on Jan. 22, the US Postal Service will put out a stamp for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, which will be held in Vancouver, Canada, in February.