'I learnt to keep cool'

'I learnt to keep cool'

'I learnt to keep cool'

Pravesh Rana

"Now, I have learnt that come what may, under any circumstances one should never lose his cool," Pravesh told reporters after the show.

Pravesh earned Bigg Boss and audiences’ wrath after he threw all the food in the house.
"Throwing food was something very wrong on my part. I have never done it and would not do it again. I apologise for the same," he says.

"From the show and the winner Vindoo Dara Singh, I have learnt three things. First admit your mistake. Then apologise for it. And do not repeat it," he said.

On his objective behind participation in the show Pravesh said he wanted everybody to know him.  "Even after winning the Mr India title in 2008, many did not know about me. Even I entered this show as a commoner."

Mid-way after the show commenced in October, Pravesh had earned a ‘common man wild card entry’.  "I think now I have proved what a common man can do if he gets an opportunity. It is not talent or potential that a common man lacks. It is only that he never gets an opportunity to show it and therefore he is called a common man," he said. On his future plans, Pravesh said he is open to all offers.

"Be it TV, Bollywood or more reality shows. I do not mind. I am open to all. It is good work that I am looking for," he added.