Nanditha's parents refute reports on low-BP pills

Nanditha's parents refute reports on low-BP pills

The parents of Nanditha K B have refuted reports that their daughter consumed low-BP tablets to commit suicide at home.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, T G Krishnappa, father of the girl, said “Nobody suffers from sugar or blood pressure at home. Besides, we don’t bring tablets home. The doctors can check each member of the family in this regard.”

He further said, “If it’s true, we have to bring tablets from medical store in the town. Let the police check all the medical shops in the town. We don’t know how she got the tablets.”

Referring to the SMS, he said, “My daughter was not so good at using cellphone. We hardly gave the cellphone to her. She was a mild girl.”     

Reacting to the CID probe, he said, “We are eagerly waiting for the CID report.
However, we have no faith in the CID    probe. The case should be handed over to the CBI.  The doctors, police and politicians are involved in this case. They are conspiring against me. I have no confidence that the CID probe will bring justice to us.”