MRF's Gill declared winner

MRF's Gill declared winner

Team asked to bear Red Roosters legal expenses

MRF's Gill declared winner

Gaurav Gill

Gill had been declared the provisional winner, but Red Rooster Racing had filed a petition with the Indian Motor Sport Appellate Court alleging that Team MRF had used illegal air vents and suspensions on all their cars at the Rally of Chikmagalur and the K-1000 rally.

 After hearing the two sides, the IMSAC retained the final results of both the races, giving the Delhiite his second INRC title.

Team MRF, however, was slapped with a fine of Rs 30,000 for each of its three drivers –– Gill , Arjun Rao and    Lohith Urs –– at the Rally of Chikmagalur and an equal amount for each of the top three finishers –– Gill , Arjun Rao and Arjun Balu –– at the K-1000.
The IMSAC also directed MRF to bear the expenses of Rs 2 lakh incurred by Red Rooster Racing.

The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India thus awarded the title to Gill, with Arjun Rao and Arjun Balu taking the second and third places respectively.

“It is a very good decision by the tribunal,” said FMSCI CEO Rajan Sayal.
“There was a lot of reading material and it was a case involving two very big teams. It had to be handled with care and they did a great job.”