Man slits wife's throat

Man slits wife's throat

A man allegedly slit his wife’s throat with a razor, at his relative’s house in Yelahanka on Friday. 

The victim was identified as Suma, 25, a resident of Pavagad in Tumakuru. She was married to Anand, 28, two years ago. Anand is at large and the police are on the lookout for him.

Anand took Suma to Bengaluru on Thursday for treatment as she was sick. The couple went to their relative Manjunath’s house at Hunasamaranahalli. Manjunath and his wife went out for work on Friday, leaving behind Suma and Anand at the house.

The couple, who often fought over petty issues, picked a quarrel in afternoon. Anand took a razor and slit Suma’s throat and she collapsed on the floor. Anand closed the door from outside and fled, the police said.

The incident came to light after Manjunath returned home in the evening and found Suma lying in a pool of blood, the police said.