The waste side of West Bengaluru

The waste side of West Bengaluru

The waste side of West Bengaluru

With the garbage disposal crisis staring the citizens and BBMP in the eye, the desperate question being asked around is where to dispose of the muck? There is no definite answer and no landfill in sight, but BBMP is sort of clearing the garbage by dumping it in multiple locations.

You would find small heaps within different corners of the same area and not the huge heap you would see normally. This reporter visited various locations in West Bengaluru and the small heaps with some big ones were there for all to see.

The “new” method of disposal gives you the impression that garbage collection for landfill disposal is on. But with no landfill ready to take Bengaluru’s garbage, what other mode of disposal is available for BBMP? Small heaps seem the best way out.

The area near Gali Anjaneya Temple (on Mysore Road close to the main signal junction where the road to Vijayanagar branches off) has remained the same despite the construction of a flyover connecting Vijayanagar to Mysore Road. No one is clear why the problem of disposal of garbage under the flyover has not been addressed.

The drain water and the heaps of garbage with it are an eyesore. People say that they have been seeing this garbage acculumation for at least 10 years.

A citizen from the area said: “No one will take initiative to clean this mess because no one is interested. It doesn’t seem to fetch anything financially. It is too dirty and stench-ridden to get in. The temple is the same and so is the garbage beneath it. I don’t see things changing fast.” One has to admit though that a good part of the drain has been covered for almost all its length by a well-maintained flyover. Part of the flyover that comes close to the temple is where it is all open and dirty.

 At the Nagarbhavi-Chandra Layout intersection, garbage is thrown on a road close to the bus station. Because there is no designated place to dispose of garbage, locals have decided that it would be best to dump it behind the bus stop. A resident of the area said that even if garbage is cleared from that location, garbage loads are dumped there promptly the next morning.

“You will see garbage strewn around even after the collection, which happens once a day. At least, people should be conscious that distinct garbage bags will be the best way to dispose of waste as it will make the job easier for BBMP collectors. As of now, nothing is happening on the garbage front. There is no clear identification of a garbage site.”

In mainstream Vijayanagar, garbage is strewn around locally before it gets accumulated on a road adjacent to the right of Vijayanagar Club. Residents do say that designated pourakarmikas come and lift garbage from each home.

“It is surprising that the garbage disposal carts remain full the morning after the previous day’s collection. The assumption is that the BBMP vans would collect the disposed of garbage the very next day. It does happen sometimes and it does not at other times,” said a resident who did not want to be named, because there were people other than the BBMP staffers involved in the garbage disposal.

A frequent complaint one hears at Vijayanagar is that the pourakarmikas are paid very low salaries and sometimes not paid at all for, say, two consecutive months.
If the payment is not made, protests would be the only way out for the sweepers and cleaners to get their due and begin work. But the larger point here is that the pick-up of the garbage gets delayed causing stench.

Vijayanagar sees a hip hop system of garbage disposal - sometimes collected and sometimes not. This is true of many wards in the city and when it recurs every now and then, garbage disposal suffers. As a last resort, garbage will be collected at one place and disposed off at another. This leads to small heaps before they are finally collected for the last stage of disposal, where it heads to the landfill.