Lack of labs, facilities annoys applied genetics students at BU

Lack of labs, facilities annoys applied genetics students at BU

Building under construction for over 2 years now; one toilet for 300 girls

Lack of labs, facilities annoys applied genetics students at BU

 Four months into their postgraduate course, the students of Applied Genetics on the Jnanabharathi campus of Bangalore University (BU) are facing a harrowing time.

The situation has arisen out of an ad hoc arrangement of classes and laboratory. The building has been under construction for more than two years now.

Being a specialised programme, the coursework demands a well-equipped laboratory. The lab here, however, is far from it. On entering the lab, the students are greeted by drain water on the floor, seeping in from an adjacent toilet. The refrigerator in the room which is on the verge of breaking down has not been opened since ages.

Fearing what might be inside, the students feel the fridge is best left closed. The new refrigerator purchased by the department remains unpacked outside the classrooms. This has infuriated the students.

A series of microscopes are kept on a table in one corner of the lab, but none is functional, the students said. The department doesn’t have an autoclave and instead, the students use an electric stove meant for cooking. These are only a few of the issues dogging the department. The students have now written to the vice-chancellor about their plight.

The portion of the building meant for the department of Applied Genetics has neither water supply nor electricity. If they forget to get drinking water from home, the students have no option but to buy water from outside. There are also empty slots with wooden frames in the classroom wall, meant for switch boards, and there is a projector screen, but no projector. A half-constructed classroom stands locked adjacent to their classrooms.

A student from the department said, “We do not have chemicals in the lab. Distilled water is not available. We have to beg for it from other departments. An exasperated lecturer in the department has paid for distilled water from his own pocket.”

Besides, there is just one girls’ toilet for the entire building which also houses another department. About 300 students depend on one toilet. Girl students said that they feared contracting infections but had no choice as this was the only toilet for the building.

Vice-chancellor Prof B Thimme Gowda, who inspected the premises on Nov 7, told Deccan Herald he would direct the engineering department to rectify the problem immediately and complete the construction work at the earliest.