Kaleidoscopic twist to garbage menace

Kaleidoscopic twist to garbage menace

The multiplying problems of garbage management faced by the City are given a creative twist in Brazilian artist Sandro Miccoli’s pictures. His collection titled ‘Kaleidoskuppe’ throws light on the City’s waste and its consequences.

The 26-year-old artist has been capturing the City for the past two months with his unique kaleidoscopic effects, highlighting the dire situation of waste management.
Explaining the title of his collection, he said, “The title is a combination of the repeating visual effect (kaleidoscope) and the Kannada word ‘kuppe’ which means ‘dump’.

Regarding waste in the City, some people will often choose to ignore it.”

Miccoli, a student of Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, came to the City for an internship. The collection presently, has eight pictures and said that the it was still an ongoing project.

His pictures capture people’s reactions towards garbage, pourakarmikas at work, cows and the like.

“I am working on a project with a research organisation called ‘Fields of View’ with three other students, as a part of the internship. The project is mainly about waste. When touring the City for my project, I stumbled upon markets, dumpyards on streets and saw how people were affected by it.

“After looking at garbage through many different perspectives, I created a compilation of pictures that I had snapped,” he said.

Miccoli and three other students—Sieta van Horck, Tanmayee Narendra and Pawan Dhananjay from IIT-B are researching to understand the big picture of waste in Bengaluru as part of a five-month project.

“We are planning to develop a game revolving around ‘garbage’ in the following three months. It could be a digital online prototype or a completely analogue offline board-game,” added Miccoli.

When asked about his take on trash in the city, he said: “My first assumptions were that only a few people were concerned with the situation of waste here.

“However, during the research phase of the project, I realised that there is a huge social movement to change the status quo of waste management in the City.”

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