Chop off rapists' hands: Muthalik

Chop off rapists' hands: Muthalik

Srirama Sene president Pramod Muthalik on Sunday advocated severing the hands of rapists, by the kin of the victims.

He said that the hands of the suspects should be cut off, before they are taken to the police station or the court. 

Muthalik said that he was making this statement, as rapists were not being given strict punishment.

Going a step further, Muthalik said that the Sene would bear the expenses for the court case that may arise against those severing the hands of the suspects.

Rapes were occurring as there was no fear of law among those perpetrating the crime.

He accused the government and the Shivamogga district incharge minister of trying to destroy evidence and shielding the suspects in the case pertaining to the death of Nanditha, the 14-year-old girl from Thirthahalli in Shivamogga district.

Muthalik appealed to the State government to give the police a free hand in investigating the case.