Praying about possible 2016 presidential run: Jindal

Praying about possible 2016 presidential run: Jindal

Indian-American Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, the rising star of the Republican Party, has said he will decide in the first half of next year whether he is running for president in 2016.

Jindal, who is seen as a possible 2016 republican presidential candidate, said right now he is praying about it.

"First half of next year, we are praying about this. Bottom line is let's restore the American dream for our children and grandchildren," Jindal said.

Attacking President Barack Obama on his policies, Jindal said, "If I were to run -- and I haven't made that decision -- if I were to run for president, it's because I believe in our country the American dream is at jeopardy.

"This president has defined the American dream as more dependence on the government. We need to restore the American dream. It's more about opportunity and growth and not redistribution," Jindal told the Fox news in an interview.

Jindal, if he announces his decision to seek a presidential ticket, would be the first ever Indian-American to run for the presidential primaries.

Jindal has several firsts to his credit. He was the first Indian-American Governor elected to any US State.

He was also the second ever Indian-American Congressman elected to the US House of Representatives.

As part of his potential 2016 presidential run, Jindal has been touring the country and appearing on the national media quite frequently, where he has been a strong critic of Obama.

However, currently his approval rating in his own home state is quite low. Responding to a question, Jindal said he does not care about poll numbers.

"I don't care at all about poll numbers. I never have. The reality is I was elected in Louisiana to make generational changes. Look at what we have done in Louisiana. Now we have cut our state budget 26 per cent, cut the number of state employees 34 per cent. We have the best private sector economy in a generation," he said.

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