'I am a certified foodie'

'I am a certified foodie'

'I am a certified foodie'

Parineeti Chopra has come a long way from where she started. This Bollywood actress, who was less known for her style and more for her bubbly nature, has decided that enough is enough and has gone for a makeover now. With her latest release ‘Kill Dil’ hitting the screens, she can’t hide her excitement.

“In the movie, I play someone that I have never played earlier. My character is that of a rich, posh girl who has everything she wants in life. The story is about how my character meets some guys from the street. The story unfolds when life changes when my character meet Ranveer’s and fall in love with each other,” she says.

Parineeti says that her personality matches most to her character in ‘Ladies vs Ricky Bahl’. “I didn’t have many roles at that time, where people would say ‘Oh, let’s choose Parineeti for the film’. I was cast in the film because of my personality,” she says with a smile.

Known to be a lively person, Parineeti says, “In real life, I’m a fairly enthusiastic person and I like to make people laugh. That’s my biggest joy. I love being funny and cracking jokes. That translates as being energetic,” she says. She adds that life has a downside too. “But I deal with it in my own way,” she says.

One can see that she’s worked hard for a makeover. “I definitely want people to notice that I’m dressing better now. The best way to go about that was to change my look on screen, which ‘Kill Dil’ does. I’ve tried to change my dress sense, hair style, body language, everything,” she says. Parineeti says that it was important for her to change in real life too as she doesn’t want to referred to as ‘the actress who dressed badly’ anymore.

“In my first year, I had no clue what I was dressed as; I would look at pictures and say ‘I don’t look good’. I wasn’t dressing accordingly to my body. That’s when I found my stylist, who understands my body type and my taste. She and I have worked upon the formula,” she says.

Parineeti confesses that she thought initially that dressing well didn’t matter. “I was naive; it is very important to dress well,” she says.

She’s one of the truest foodies in the industry. Parineeti says, while munching a cookie, “I am a certified foodie. I’m the winner in this category! There are people who say there are foodies and then there are ‘real foodies’. I know I am passionate about food and I love studying about cuisines. But I am not patient enough to cook.”

She says that she does feel that pressure of looking a certain way, despite being a foodie. “But I still eat. It’s a 50-50 situation. I know I have to be fit and I have to let go of certain things,” she adds.

While Parineeti is excited about her latest film, she is dying to take a break. “I am not revealing where I am off to, but I have recently started scuba-diving, so I’m taking a diving trip. I also want to meet my friends. I am a little tired and I need the break. It’s just for two or three weeks, even though I wish I could do more,” she says.