UK court convicts terror suspect planning Mumbai-style attack

UK court convicts terror suspect planning Mumbai-style attack

A terror suspect accused of plotting a coordinated attack in the UK along the lines of the 2008 Mumbai attacks has been found guilty of possessing a bomb-making document by a court here.

Erol Incedal was being tried partially in secret under a court order but Justice Nicol overturned an earlier order that prevented the media reporting of last week's guilty verdict against the 26-year-old law student.

The Old Bailey court jury, however, failed to reach a verdict on the charge of committing acts preparatory to terrorism and Incedal provisionally faces a retrial on this charge.

He had denied all allegations against him. During the trial, the Old Bailey court heard claims that Incedal was considering an indiscriminate Mumbai-style terror attack and had an address for a property owned by former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie.

Incedal denied planning an attack.He admitted possessing a memory card that contained a bomb-making document, but said he had a reasonable excuse for it. His co-defendant, Mounir Rarmoul-Bouhadjar, 26, pleaded guilty before the trial began to possession of a bomb-making document identical to the one Incedal had.

The majority of the trial was heard behind closed doors. Some evidence was heard completely in secret, some with accredited journalists who could not report on proceedings and some in open court in the extraordinary trial that attracted widespread criticism for its secrecy as activists pointed out that secret trials threaten the centuries-old tradition of open justice.

Incedal was arrested in London on October 13 last year after his car has been bugged by the police a fortnight ago.

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