Exploring Chunchanakatte

If you ever wonder about a place that was still left to explore, try Chunchana-katte Waterfalls.

This locale, amidst unspoilt wilderness, is perhaps the best experience for nature lovers and explorers.

The amount of solitude you can enjoy here is truly remarkable.
Chunchanakatte Waterfalls is a picturesque locale with forested mountains sloping down on either side.

It is situated near the village of Chunchana-katte in the Krishnarajanagar taluk of Mysore district. It is an easy one-and-half-hour drive from Mysore, spanning 57
kilometres, to the waterfalls.

The entire trail to the spot is a scenic one, for you get to view the beauty of the Western Ghats.

The Cauvery River falls into two small cascades before joining again to flow as one. Here, Cauvery water cascades, roaring thunderously from 60 feet above and forming approximately 300 to 400 feet of width.

The sound of the powerful falls can be heard all over, except inside the sanctum sanctorum of the centuries old temple near this area.

Chunchanakatte Waterfalls is an easy and leisurely ten-minutes trek from this Kodanda Rama Temple.

Legend has it that while wandering in the Western Ghats, during their exile, Lord Rama, Sita and Laxman reached this locale and were offered hospitality by the inhabitants of this area.

The story goes that Sita was tired and weary, and wanted to have a bath, so, Lord Rama directed Laxman to fire an arrow at a rock that made the water pour out in three different shades: one in turmeric, one with oil and one with shikakai (natural shampoo).

It is believed that these shades are visible even today, when there is considerable amount of water flowing in the falls!

Resultantly, Chunchanakatte Waterfalls is a favourite with locals, tourists and
film crews.

However, sitting below the waterfalls for a spontaneous dip is not recommended.

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