Sewage 'illegally' dumped on empty plots at Agara

Sewage 'illegally' dumped on empty plots at Agara

Sewage 'illegally' dumped on empty plots at Agara

Scores of tankers dump extracted sewage into empty plots at Agara village near Sampigehalli in the proposed Arkavathi layout, making life miserable for the residents.

The residents call it an act of ‘sewage mafia’, these tankers extract sewage from septic tanks in the houses at surrounding revenue layouts and dump it in the vacant plots at Agara. While construction labourers are unable work in the unbearable stench, local residents complain of mosquito menace and contamination of borewells.

The effects of this sewage dumping in Agara could be felt as far as Sampigehalli.

“Every morning about 20 to 30 tankers line up in our area to dispose off the waste water. Since they are mighty people with backing from political leaders, we find ourselves helpless and unable to deal with them,” rued few residents, who did not wish to be named.

“I have submitted a memorandum to the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) health officials highlighting the issue and requesting them to solve it. However, the problem continues to persist. Recently, about 15-20 labourers, working at a construction site, fell sick after they drank water from a borewell in the locality,” said

Mahendra N, who works for a construction firm which is building an apartment at Agara village. Residents fear that along with groundwater, the nearby Agara lake and Jakkur lake might also be contaminated. “We tried telling the lorry drivers not to dispose off the dirty water here but they never pay heed to our words. We suspect that the trucks come from the neighbouring Hegdenagar area,” said Ibrahim, a resident.

Mahendra and a few builders in a bid to confirm that borewell water is polluted, got a sample of it tested privately. “The results were shocking. The borewell water here is chemically and physically unfit for drinking since it is contaminated by bacteria.

We now rely on packaged drinking water,” added Mahendra. Joint Commissioner of Yelahanka zone, Virupakshi Mysore, told Deccan Herald that he would discuss the matter with his subordinates and take necessary action.