Saying cheers to 2010 with a glass of milk

Saying cheers to 2010 with a glass of milk

With a Gandhian chief minister at the helm of affairs in the state, milk indeed sounds to be the best option. The milky idea jointly floated by Indian Asthma Care Society and Rajasthan Yuva Chhatra Sansthan is also incidentally in tune with the state government’s scheduled deadline for closing liquor shops by 8 pm.

The representatives of the social organisations, who swear by milk, would offer a glass of milk to passersby at the main gate of the University of Rajasthan from 7 pm till midnight.
The idea is to spread the social message to revellers that boozing alone is not the only way to say cheers to New Year, says Dharmveer Kateva, secretary, Indian Asthma Care Society in Jaipur.

“Our main objective is to encourage youth to abstain from alcohol and prevent drunk driving in the name of New Year celebrations,” he added.

We got a lukewarm response in the first year as we pledged people to have a glass of milk but now the idea has caught the fancy of other organisations also. Though the University outlet is still the hottest spot for distribution of delicious saffron and cardamom mixed hot milk served in kulhars (clay glasses), some organisations have introduced the concept at other places in the city as well, even in some districts, he told Deccan Herald.

Saras dairy, the largest milk supplier cooperative federation in the state has offered to help with a generous free supply of milk this year, Kateva said. With  liquor shops now closing at 8 pm, our gesture is getting more popular, he felt.

The idea was started in 2004 as a symbolic gesture to inculcate healthy habits among youngsters. Liquor consumption on New Year almost surpasses yearly consumption.
With a glass of milk, the revellers will be safe and sound and the traffic police can also enjoy some light moments, with lesser drunk drivers on the roads.