'Women who make false rape allegations need to be punished'

Women making false rape allegation to settle personal scores need to be prosecuted and punished, a Delhi court has observed, saying such matters cause intense misery and humiliation to the accused which continues even after acquittal in the case.

Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat while acquitting two Delhi youth from the charges of gang-rape, directed the court staff to lodge a complaint against the woman with Chief Metropolitan Magistrate for making allegations.

“Time has come to curb such tendency by directing the prosecution and punishment of the women making patently false allegation of rape,” the judge said.
“It can’t be lost sight of that the false accusation of rape causes intense miseries and humiliation to the accused. Their plight continues even after their acquittal from the court as nobody takes note of the acquittal,” the court observed, adding even during the trial of the case, “they are treated as rape convicts”.

Noting that the accused undergo emotional distress during the trial, the court said, “It is high time that court should shoulder some kind of responsibility and duty towards the persons, who are made to face the trial for false rape charges.”
“It is very difficult to restore the lost honour and dignity of a rape accused after his acquittal from the court. They are never compensated for the emotional distress, humiliation and pecuniary damage suffered by them,” it said.

According to prosecution, the woman in this case had lodged a complaint with Dwarka South police station alleging that two youths have gang-raped her after offering her cold drink laced with vodka.

During the trial, the woman however retracted from her statements and denied that she was sexually assaulted by the accused.

Model prosecutesd

In another case, a Delhi court has initiated prosecution against a model for falsely implicating her brother-in-law in a rape case.

Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat, while acquitting the man of charges of rape and criminal intimidation, said, the scrutiny of the woman’s testimony and evidence revealed that there was no truth in her allegations of rape against the accused.

“I feel that in the facts and circumstances of the present case, this court would be failing in its duty if the prosecutrix (woman) is let off without punishment for giving false evidence before this court. She is liable to be prosecuted for the offence of perjury which is being done by way of a separate order,” the judge said.

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