Struck by wanderlust

Struck by wanderlust

Struck by wanderlust

An eclectic bunch of people who share the love for travel and have backpacked to various places on work or holiday, got together at The Oberoi, along with the travel community website, ‘HolidayIQ’, recently.

Entrepreneurs, fashion designers, writers and bloggers came together from different walks of life and bonded over breakfast, to share a few of their interesting journeys, fondest travel memories and the passion of wanderlust.

Nitya, an entrepreneur, said that her most memorable trip was her journey to ‘Phi-Phi Islands while Sandhya added that her skydiving experience at England during her anniversary is something she remembers.

“Currently we are travelling and sightseeing around the City so that my kids can experience and get connected to the local culture.” 

Madhu, a dancer, passionately said, “Travel enriches  my life and I would choose travel over a fixed deposit. I never think of a bank account while travelling.”

Michelle, a woman who has her own fashion label, also added that she loves to choose luxurious places while travelling.

Following the informal talk was a walk around the hotel, a trivia-tale, where the team shared tidbits about the hotel’s gardens which consists of a variety of exotic plants like raintree, ginger lilies, tulip plants and bottle brushes.

The tour around the garden was mainly to reminisce how the hotel reflected Bengaluru as a ‘Garden City’.