Vishnu's favourite wrist watch found in ashes

Vishnu's favourite wrist watch found in ashes

The actor was very fond of his wrist watch. He was not removing it even while going to bed. And it remained on him when the body was cremated. Earlier in the morning, Bharati and Kirti, accompanied by a priest, went to Abhiman Studio for collecting the ashes. The priest, who found the wrist watch, handed it over to the Kirti, who broke down.

Kannada film director Dwarkish, during his visit to Abhiman Studio, remarked: "He (Vishnuvardhan) hasn't gone anywhere. He's still present here," after coming out of the studio.

A day after actor’s death
A pall of sorrow and grief loomed large over the Jayanagar residence of Kannada matinee idol Vishnuvardhan a day after he passed away. Only a few policemen were guarding the actor’s bungalow, which once welcomed its visitors with cheerfulness and exuberance, on Thursday.
The late actor's die-hard fans had started thronging the house ever since the news of his sudden death broke out on Wednesday. The scene on Thursday was totally different and the usual hustle and bustle were missing. Passers-by just turned away after beholding the façade from outside the gate and throwing a saddening glimpse over it. Sounds of "there is no one in the house" were being churned out frequently.

Nobody from the film industry visited the house. Bharati Vishnuvardhan, along with family, had left for Srirangapattana in the morning.

"Relatives told us that they had gone to Srirangapattana for asthivisarjane (immersion of ashes) at Sangam," the police said.

Before the veteran actor's demise, fans from the different parts of the State used to visit the house everyday. They would meet Vishunvardhan if he was available.
They would wait for him for hours. Alas, no more scope for all this as only the late actor's memories have been left. Shanti Park, located in front of Dr Vishnuvardhan's house, is usually referred to as Vishnu Park. It acted as a landmark for many of his fans.