Southeast Asian food Japanese-style

Southeast Asian food Japanese-style

Southeast Asian food Japanese-style

A rooftop seat that offers a view of prominent hotels in central Delhi makes for an amazing lunch experience during October-November.

When the cool breeze casts a lazy spell on the foodies, an indulgence into a lesser known territory is not really advisable.

Yet Metrolife opts to try the menu of one of the most talked about places in the city (since it has come into existence).

Irezumi – a pan Asian Tapas Club in Janpath, takes its name from the Japanese art of tattooing. The photographs exude a very luxurious ambience but the issue is about food – is it as good as the prime location of the restaurant?

Feeling the light winter breeze on the skin one feels the urge to try the good old Khao Suey in vegetarian version. Served at just the right temperature, the combination of red chilli and ginger in this noodle dish gives a punch after one has relished the thick soupy curry. Though not really a replacement for a welcome drink, the delicacy makes for a good start.

Then follows a spate of lesser known categories and names of dishes. Under ‘Izakaya and South East Asian Tapas’ the Spicy Tofu Fries, Crispy Fried Lotus Root in Sriracha Mayo, Sriracha & Black Pepper Basa and Irezumi Spicy Chicken catch our fancy.

While the tofu has taste of only sesame seeds, the Basa is quite flavourful and cooked well in sriracha (sauce made from a paste of chilli peppers). The experiment with sriracha and mayo however fails miserably for the two ingredients from different parts of the world in the lotus root starter don’t gel at all! And as far as the chicken goes, it is definitely spicy but only high on red chillies sans any flavour.

Time for some ‘Sushi And Sashini’ and the experience is quite a mix. In vegetarian Urimaki, the California Roll tastes as good as it should but in Asparagus Maki and Dragon Nigiri the Indian palate takes a while to figure out what has gone into the mouth!

Similarly, in the non-veg sushi platter, the salmon and crab are quite average as compared to the Uramaki (sushi rolled inside out). Beware of the wasabi in the plate lest you fly to another world! 

By now it becomes clear that the sea food is procured fresh by the eatery and one orders the same in higher quantity. The EBI Tempura Prawn comes first to the table and tastes overcooked.

But in Oriental Main Course, the Wok Fried Rock Lobster with Chilli Garlic & Spring Onions is a pleasant surprise. Tasting like prawns, the fresh lobster has a smooth chilli garlic and tomato ketchup sauce with szec­huan pepper. It looks as good as its taste.

Surprisingly, the Szechuan Poached Sliced Lamb is equally good due to a nice preparation of hoisin sauce in chilli and garlic that couples with rice and noodles both. A sip of Pomegranate & Basil Love mocktail after this meal and the mouth is filled with rose water flavour.

It is disheartening to see a lot of dessert names on the menu and not be able to try due to some mechanical breakdown.

But the Cream Brulee Sampler is just about okay to satiate the sweet craving since the Super Fudge Choc Brownie is too cold to relish.