Trending burgers that rocked 2014

Trending burgers that rocked 2014

Trending burgers that rocked 2014

If food could unite the world as one, burgers would top the list. Not only Americans but even Indians ‘love’ burgers ‘seriously.’

When the new American fast food chain Burger King entered India in Select Citywalk’s second floor, there was a queue running from its doorstep to the entrance of the mall in the ground floor!

Indians have been accustomed to burgers in the form of vada pav or Sunny burgerwala, in short our ‘street burgers’. Delhi unquestionably has the best street food culture, and this does not exclude burgers.

Here you will find a two inch burger for Rs. 5 and the same size burger in a swanky eatery for Rs. 600!

Just bread on two sides, a fillet, cheese, mayonnaise and some veggies any time of the day is enough to make the tummy happy, though the dieticians and health-conscious would disagree.

And every burger has an audience. Check out popular fast-food outlets like McDonalds and KFC, chock-a-block with customers at all hours for their affordable rates. Some joints get audience because of their gourmet burgers.

And Fork You deserves a mention, as being the first name that people mentioned when asked for their choice. 

Sana Chopra, executive director of Carl’s Jr. India, another American burger chain giant soon to open up in India next year, says that presently in Delhi Fork You burgers are the best.

Chopra also added that “people often think of burgers as an American food, which is not entirely incorrect. But often chains from abroad which come to India ‘tweak’ tastes according to the Indian palate, retaining their USPs.”

In India the first and foremost characteristic feature in food trend is that vegetarian food is as significant as non-vegetarian, unlike abroad. He­re when burgers are
put together, tastes of vegetarians are also kept in mind.

An employee of Burger King says that when a vegetarian patty is made an aroma of the non-vegetarian food is felt, that is because it is made so. Obviously this can only be judged better by one who has had the Chicken Chilly Cheese Melt and also the Veg Chilly Cheese Melt of this burger chain giant.

Uma Talreja, chief marketing officer, Burger King India said “we want to make sure vegetarians have a great experience and have created unique options within our vegetarian menu keeping both taste and ingredient preferences in mind. Our menu has been designed to help consumers try something new every time they visit Burger King.”

After a lot of customer interaction Johnny Rockets came out as having the “heaviest burgers in town”. No one seems to be able to finish a single burger without a partner!

Deepak Chopra the manager added that the Nacho Mix 3 ½ inches in length and breadth, 180 gm patty has been the new addition to the menu, especially for Indians.
Chili’s the Mexican food joint has Four Mini Burger to challenge the Nacho

In this trend Chili’s stand out as being the only one not Influenced by American style of burger. It has also introduced Black Bean patty burger which is authentic Mexican style.
The heavy competition notwithstanding our street side burger still sell out by the end of the day.

Each new burger makes a benchmark for further innovation, a new astute property is added each time to whet our crave ability.

This trend is to mark the end of 2014. Looking forward to 2015 with larger and healthier burgers, with Carls Jr. introducing their charred grilled burgers, cooked on open flame.