Apex court asks CBI officers to leave courtroom during hearing

Apex court asks CBI officers to leave courtroom during hearing

The Supreme Court on Thursday took objection to the presence of senior CBI officers during the hearing on a plea seeking agency Director Ranjit Sinha’s recusal from the 2G case.

The bench asked all officers, including Joint Director Ashok Tiwari, to leave the courtroom. Their presence came to the notice of the court after it was pointed out by CBI counsel K K Venugopal.

“You are not agents of the director and you cannot be his mouthpiece. You do not need to take responsibility. How is your presence required here,” the bench asked Tiwari.

“Why so many CBI officers are here. How come so many officers are sitting in the courtroom. We do not require their presence. We are not hearing 2G investigation case. We are hearing an application filed against the director,” the bench said. The court's remarks came after Tiwari tried to explain his presence as well as his conversation with Venugopal's junior outside the courtroom that the arguments would be addressed by Sinha’s counsel Vikas Singh.

“All these expressions are not necessary. You don't have to communicate all these things. If we want any file or require their presence, we would ask for it,” the bench said.
“It is very unfortunate that the entire (visitors) gallery is being occupied by the CBI officers. Why are they sitting here all day, when we are not able to accommodate so many others,” the bench said, indicating to the packed courtroom.