Selecting a vastu-compliant home

Selecting a vastu-compliant home

Most home buyers in India want a house that conforms with Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, there are 16 zones in the house. Let us look at appropriate rooms and activities in various zones.

Here are the key points you need to keep in mind before zeroing in on your home sweet home:

Placing a door

Check the entrance first. According to Vastu Shastra, there are 32 possible
entrances for a home. For every 11.25 degrees, there is an entrance in a circle of 360 degrees. However, only eight of these 32 entrances are good. In the east, south, west and north, there are two entrances towards the left of them.

For instance, In the east, the zone of 22.5 degrees towards north are two great entrances. It is a wrong belief that south entrances are not good.

I have witnessed many prosperous homes and businesses with a south entrance. However, if the south entrance is towards the right of south, i.e. towards west in the zone of south-south-west, it could lead to poverty and mounting debts. Avoid this entrance at any cost.

There is also a general belief that all north and east entrances are good. However, there have been cases where the notion has been proved wrong.

Boudoir matters

Having a bedroom in the north-west will make you a good negotiator. A north
bedroom will make even the laziest man work hard and succeed, but it might lead to slight sleeping issues. East-north-east is great for older people as they will forget their past and look to live life with renewed interest.

A bedroom in the west brings gains to the owner. North-west bedrooms will
increase support for you and your family from friends, banks, government and
society. A west-south-west bedroom is great for stock brokers and students. South-west bedroom is good for those in employment of others as it helps to improve skills and maintain relationships. If you wish for a peaceful life, choose a bedroom in the south.

South-south-east bedrooms gives you confidence and physical strength. Avoid the bedroom in east-south-east, west-north-west, south-south-west, south-east, north-east and north-north-east directions.

Cooking right

The west is an ideal zone for a kitchen. You must be wondering why this is so.
Research has shown that most palaces of kings had their kitchen in the west. The next best zone is south-south-east, for power and confidence. South zone follows, as it is good for relaxation and fame.

The fourth suitable zone is south-east zone of fire, cash and liquidity. South-east kitchens tend to increase temper in the resident. Hence, use a green slab under the kitchen burner.  Use of green or brown in south-east kitchens mellows down the tempers, but increases cash flow, zeal and energy of the residents.

Praying well

Vastu Shastra does not specify an ideal prayer /pooja room. It does, however,
indicate north-east as the ideal Ishta Devata zone. Having a pooja room with your family deity in the north-east zone is good for your family.

Pooja rooms can be made in the east, east-north-east, west, west-south-west and north-north-east. Each zone is ideal for a particular type of pooja.

Dining at home

A dining room in the east will help increase social contacts. Therefore, this is a good place for those in politics, entertainment and business. East-north-east dining room will make you want to enjoy various types of foods presented in a five-star fashion. However, it may make your children addicted to junk food.

A dining room in the west will give you all-round gains and profits, particularly from long-term investments. West-south-west dining will increase savings for you and education for your children.

Food eaten in south-east will act as an appetizer. Dining in the south will relax you and increase fame. Food will get converted to physical strength when eaten in south-south-east.

If you choose to dine in north-east, you will want to fast a lot and follow a healthy, strict diet. So, it is good for those interested in losing weight. North-north-east dining will make you more conscious about good quality, healthy diet. It will help increase immunity and health. Eating in north-north-west will activate taste buds, and you will want to enjoy different varieties of food each time.

Dining in the north zone will make you career-conscious. You will get clear ideas on how to progress in your career and look for better opportunities.

Toilet troubles

Ever since toilets came into the envelope of the house, problems have started to multiply for residents. In olden days, toilets were built outside the house. In modern days, toilets are unavoidable inside the house. There are only three ideal zones, amongst the 16, for toilets in the house.

These three zones are east-south-east, south-south-west and west-north-west.
In all other zones, toilets react negatively and increase problems related to the
respective zone.

However, at any cost, avoid a house with a toilet in north-east. A north-east toilet has no remedy. Politicians and public figures must avoid a house with a toilet in the east. Avoid toilets in the west if you are in the real estate business.

Simple vastu remedies are possible for wrong rooms and wrong entrances without demolition. Proper study of the house plan and approaching it systematically will provide remedies and guarantee results.

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