In J-K, Modi invokes Vajpayee's 'dream', promises development

In J-K, Modi invokes Vajpayee's 'dream', promises development

Avoiding any reference to controversial issues like Article 370 on special status to J-K, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today invoked Atal Bihari Vajpayee's "dream" of "democracy, humanity and Kashmiriyat" and asked the youth in Kashmir to turn over a new leaf.

"... whatever has happened in the past has happened. Now is the time to take decisions for the new generation," he said, while stressing on "development mantra" and the need to get rid of corruption during his first election rally in Jammu and Kashmir.

"Democracy, humanity and Kashmiriyat, these words of Atal ji have made special place in the hearts of Kashmiris and have ignited a hope in every Kashmiri youth about better future

"I want to urge people to install with full majority a BJP government in Jammu and Kashmir and trust my words that the dream, which Atal ji had seen for J&K, Modi will use all his might to fulfil it," he said.

He warned against attempts to link religion to politics, and asserted that the BJP government at the Centre was committed to development of the state.

"Our mantra is only development, development and development," he said, adding "I will return your trust in me with interest by ensuring full fledged development in J&K."

"What are the feelings of our youth in Kashmir. What does he want? Will somebody listen to him. I understand this state. I understand their heart beat. I understand their wishes and aspirations and for that whatever has happened in the past has happened.

"We will not allow them to get misled or destroyed and shall not allow this country to be destroyed. The path of  self destruction of the youth of Jammu and Kashmir is not  acceptable to us. That is why, I have come here to make a  request to you. Do not connect politics with religion", he said, reaching out to voters in Kashmir.

Modi said, "A Kashmiri is a Kashmiri. He goes to a mosque, a temple and gurdwara. That is his own matter of faith. For me he is a Kashmiri and for us the task is to change his destiny and change the destiny of Kashmir and this is our dream".

"BJP does not believe in discrimination but in the mantra of 'sab ka saath sab ka vikas'. Even in America they have tried it. We need every body's support for development," he said and did not refer to the issue of Article 370 which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

BJP, for which abrogation of Article 370 has been one of the core issues, has soft-pedalled it in the current elections.

Modi also launched a scathing attack on National Conference and PDP, alleging that their two "ruling" families have "looted" Jammu and Kashmir and asked the voters to "punish" them.

"Will only two families rule in J&K, can't other families produce leaders? You are repenting for the last 50 years.... If you don't punish the two families ruling here, they (the families) will come back resurgent," he said, without directly naming Abdullahs and Muftis.

"Why have you kept Jammu and Kashmir mortgaged to these two families. They have an understanding among themselves. One loots the state for five years and then is thrown out of power and then the other start looting the state. They have a five-year contract to loot the state," Modi alleged.

He referred to the elections in Haryana, and said the people there had "kicked" out to families who had indulged in corruption while in power.

Modi said his wish is to complete the work started by Vajpayee. "It is my wish and I will come repeatedly here for that," the Prime Minister said amid slogans of 'Modi, Modi' from the audience.

"Please give me an opportunity. If you give me one  opportunity you will never regret." Modi said he had deep affection for Kashmir.

"Affection from the core of my heart and soul," he told the rally at Chowgan ground in Kishtwar town, adding other political parties were surprised that there has not been even a single month when Modi has not come to Kashmir.

"He has come in July, August, September, October and now in November," Modi said referring to himself.

Recalling the NDA rule under Vajapyee, he said, "Every Kashmiri thought that now their dreams be fulfilled. But during last ten years, what has happened with  Kashmir and its situation."

Taking a dig at successive governments in the state over corruption, he said, "If there is a hole in the bucket then the water will not stay. I wonder where the money that comes from the Centre goes".

On the flood relief issue, he said there was no dearth  of money and there will be no dearth of money for J&K.

"I ask brothers and sisters of J&K, if you want rehabilitation of flood victims do not allow money to go into the hands of thieves and dacoits. I have to stand by you and work for you at this time of difficulty. "I have to bring you out of catastrophe", he added.

"Now the youth of J&K will stand up on their own strength and endeavour and New Delhi Government is with you and will work with you shoulder to shoulder. Entire India is with you. To change your destiny, 125 crore people will stand with you."

Harping on the issue of development, he said digital India and skill India initiatives should start from  Jammu and Kashmir.

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