When Lily Allen's sex life 'lacked magic'

When Lily Allen's sex life 'lacked magic'

Singer Lily Allen, who says she didn't enjoy a great sex life until she was in her mid-20s, believes sex needs to be represented as an "emotive experience" in popular media.

She says the media gives girls unrealistic expectations about intercourse, and admits she found sex to be disappointing when she lost her virginity.

"Sex definitely lacked magic for a long time for me. Girls don't really start enjoying sex until their mid-twenties. I remember when I became sexually active thinking, 'Where's all that stuff that happens in the movies?' The reality was a disappointment," she told the Mail on Sunday newspaper, reports contactmusic.com.

Allen, who is now married to Sam Cooper since 2011, has been vocal about her sex life in her music too.

Talking about the portrayal of sex in media, she said: "I think the way sex is presented in modern media is not a fair representation of what it actually is. There's too much emphasis on sex being almost an aesthetic thing -- it's rarely presented as an emotive experience."

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