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Do you know the City’s MET history?

The Government of India realised the need to have MET centres in every state capital and established one in Bangalore in 1973, functioning from HAL Airport premises till November 1995. Today, the Central Observatory is located on Palace Road.

The observatory itself was started on 1st November, 1867 at Bowring Hospital by Col. Strachey of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. It was under the control of the Government Astronomer of the Old Madras Presidency and observations were carried thrice daily.

It was shifted to the Central College compound in 1892 by Prof Cook, who became the first Director. It was at his request to the Government of Mysore that the present facility on Palace Road was constructed in 1893 based on the model of Alipore Observatory of Calcutta.The Mysore State Meteorological Department was formed on 1st January, 1894 by amalgamating four observatories at Bangalore, Mysore, Hassan and Chitradurga.

The present complex started functioning as a Class I observatory on that very day.
Following the integration of the Princely States, the Mysore State Meteorological Department was taken over by the Indian Meteorological Department on 1st January, 1951 and the observatory became a part of it.

From humble beginnings like using thermometers, the Bangalore Observatory is now equipped with sophisticated gadgets, including a radar, satellite cloud picture receiving unit and a computerised system.

The observatory provides a variety of meteorological service besides weather forecasts including hydro-meteorological, agrometeorological and climatological services.