The muck stops here...

The muck stops here...

The muck stops here...

Despite being one of the major bus stands of the City, Kalasipalayam is plagued by a host of problems. Be it garbage dumping or traffic congestion, there are several issues in the area that need urgent attention. But looks like the authorities have turned a deaf ear to all the complaints.

Shopkeepers in the area say that they face a host of hurdles. “The problems in this area are known to everyone, be it the police or the government but looks like the people here have become used to them because finding a solution is not easy,” says a shopkeeper on conditions of anonymity.

There are no proper bus shelters in Kalasipalayam and plans by the BBMP and BMTC to build a modern bus station seem to be going nowhere. Neethu, who passes the area frequently, says, “There is no security for women passengers. Some buses leave only at night and if I were to leave at that time, there is no guarantee that I would be safe.” She adds, “There are no seating arrangements, waiting rooms or proper toilets for the citizens. Sometimes, we have to wait for the buses for several hours in the scorching sun or get drenched in the rain as there are no shelters. The toilets are badly maintained with no water facility.”

Illegal parking of private buses is one of the major issues that the residents of the second main road of Kalasipalyam face. “Private buses are parked here from evening till midnight and luggage is constantly loaded and unloaded. The drivers of the buses threaten and abuse us if we say anything against them,” says Iqbal, a student.

Meena, an old resident, suffers from breathing problems, thanks to the pollution caused by the buses. “The private buses are badly maintained and emit dangerous smoke triggering health issues,” she says. Abdul Ali, another resident, says, “I have been complaining to the authorities for over five years now. I have lived here for more than a decade but the problems here have left me wondering if I should shift my house. Despite paying taxes, no development is assured.” The hotels in the area dump their garbage in the drains. The situation becomes worse during the monsoon when people have to deal with waste literally floating on the roads. “The garbage is sometimes left unattended for weeks together. The BBMP does not bother to clean up the mess and we are fed up of complaining,” says Anil, a professional.

Not very far away from Kalasipalayam Bus Stand is Chamrajpet that reflects a similar situation. The wide pedestrian paths are used as a parking space by motorists, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road.

“Sometimes, the vehicles are parked and pedestrians are forced to walk on the roads amidst heavy traffic,” says Anjali, a professional.  

The fifth main road houses a number of educational institutions where traffic jams have become a regular affair. “The vehicles come from all the four directions and there are no traffic cops to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. There is no signal or zebra crossing, making it dangerous for pedestrians, especially children and old people to cross,” says Shakuntala Devi, a parent. Vinod, an advocate, says, “The cops come here only when they want to catch people who are riding without a helmet. A zebra crossing and signal must be installed for the safety of the citizens.”

Heaps of garbage dump is also a common sight in Chamrajpet, especially in front of  Sarvothama High School and KIMS. With trees being razed for commercial and development purposes, the area is slowly turning into a concrete jungle.