Trendy wraps take the chill out of winter

Dressing in Delhi winter comes with its imminent clauses. Nothing morally implied but one can’t even let one inch of the body remain uncovered. Sometimes, covering the face also becomes a necessity. So, in Delhi a stole, is a woman’s most treasured winter accessory.

Janpath’s Tibetan market, the flea markets at Kharak Singh Marg, RK Ashram Marg, Sarojini Nagar Market, Lajpat Nagar, Shahpur Jat, Khan Market and Meherchand Market at Lodi Colony, are flush with colourful, stoles ranging from ethnic,exotic, fashionable to functional at rates that are anything between Rs. 50 to Rs 2,500. Given the spiralling price of winterwear, these markets offer the very latest and trendy apparels at pocket-friendly prices.

Siddharth Saigal from Charkha Pashmina shawls and owner of Wrap Studio says, “India has a rich culture in terms of handlooms, that is also a growing industry. If we start from Kashmir, we have Pashmina which is very famous, exclusive with its traditional embellishments. It is a very fine type of cashmere wool and expensive too. While coming to the Silk Wool, we have the rich tradition of digital prints on the land of Punjab. The Phulkari too is a famous art. Going towards Rajasthan, it’s all about Leheriya and Bandhni work. Moving towards the southern part of the country and we have the Kalamkari, it is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile, the beauty of which lies in the art
and the rich heritage of southern India.”

Pullovers, jackets, gloves and boots they keep you packed and warm but what adds to your look and gives it a distinct winter edge is
a fur stole.
Fur does not have to be natural, the ‘faux fur’ is very synthetic, eco-friendly and popular too. Designer Reynu Taandon says, “The other types of stoles you could wear are wool, leather, tweed and different types of knits. Natural fibre is always comfortable to wear but the flip side is that there are dust and impurities in natural fibre as compared to
synthetic fibre.”

Avoid running the risk of spending the winter months with only blues and blacks. Colourful stoles can keep us engaged for longer than that. Mustard, burgundy, teal and bubblegum pink, striking combinations of neon, dainty pastels and monochromes, stoles are presentable, acceptable and fashionable for all occasions and you can never be short of money to gift yourself one!

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