'Working with Aamir was a treat'

'Working with Aamir was a treat'

He is a man of humility with a deep-rooted passion for music. Musician Ram Sampath has achieved success in every genre that he has dabbled with. It looks like music and Ram go hand in hand. In fact when he is asked what music means to him, pat comes the reply, “Life.”

Ram started out as a Carnatic singer but gradually went on to experiment with different genres like Carnatic, Bollywood, Hindustani and other non-film projects. His love for music is reflected in his Coke Studio projects, a platform that brings together various artistes from across the country. He feels that the younger musicians nowadays are keen on reinventing music and adding something new to it.

His composition for the TV show Satyamev Jayate was highly appreciated and he describes the experience as “fabulous as he got to work with the best lyricists and someone as passionate and enthusiastic about the country like Aamir Khan”. He notes, “Aamir is a realist and working with him was a treat.”

Ram and his wife Sona Mohapatra are seen together in most projects and he describes the experience of working with his spouse as “volatile”. “But we enjoy each other’s company,” he adds.

Ask him if the youngsters have it easy nowadays with a number of reality shows and social media providing them a platform and he says, “Talent and hard work can never take a backseat.” He adds, “Reality shows aren’t bad as they help people showcase their talent. However, people should remember that music is not a game. The beauty of music is that everyone is travelling in this one journey. A singer will be a singer till the day he or she dies. If people want to become a musician to be famous, they will be in for a rude shock. One has to be a musician to fulfil their spirit. In music or any artistic field, hard work is non-negotiable.”

He is working on two Bollywood projects currently and feels that he still has a lot to learn. “Music is an ocean and one can only hope to imbibe a drop,” he says.