'Kiss of Love' misses date with Bengaluru

'Kiss of Love' misses date with Bengaluru

'Kiss of Love' misses date with Bengaluru

The “Kiss of Love” event will miss its date with the City as the  organisers have postponed it for an indefinite period owing to a possible crackdown by the authorities.

The hype built around the event has forced some right-wing groups to knock the doors of a court in the City.  The court on Saturday directed the S J Park police to probe the case and take appropriate action against the organisers in case the event was held on Sunday.

The organisers, who had vowed to go ahead with the event despite the police refusing permission, claimed that they have postponed the event. They also said that they would make necessary changes and prepare a plan in order to organise the event in future.

 “We have decided to postpone the event and have not fixed the new date,” said Dilip, one of the organisers.

Reddi said the police will not oppose the event if it takes place within the legal framework. While hearing a petition moved by Sri Rama Sene, senior advocate Amruthesh and few organisations, the 5th ACMM court directed the police to probe the matter and take action against the organisers.  

The police have been directed to submit a detailed report if the event took place and the action taken by the police on December 3.  Vijayan, one of the organisers said: “With all the opposition we faced in the media and the police department, we have given a set of rebuttals to the city police. It has 19 points wherein we have tried to answer to all the contentions raised by various groups. Except for one report which was more of a personal attack, we have tried to reply all of the questions and issues.”

 “We want this protest to be bigger than what it was in Kerala or Delhi,” he added.