Not all kisses obscene, argue KoL organisers

Not all kisses obscene, argue KoL organisers

After deciding to postpone the ‘Kiss of Love’ event that was scheduled for Sunday, the organisers have given a 22-point letter to the Bengaluru Police Commissioner M N Reddi in defence of the event.

Following threats from some right wing organisations that have termed the event as against Indian culture, the organisers have, in their letter, explained why the event should not be termed obscene or against the culture.

They have also emphasised that they have a right to go ahead with the event.

Not an illegal act

Among the various aspects of the event that they have represented, the organisers have explained how various courts in the country, in several cases, have held that kissing is not an act of “obscenity.” The letter states, “The Indian judiciary has never termed kissing in public illegal. Kissing can, in fact, be seen as a form of expression of love and it is wrong to presume that every kiss is an act of sexual expression and that it is necessarily obscene.”

The organisers have argued that while critics have condemned the event that it is a violation of moral standards, moral standards themselves are determined by the law and not based on the subjective ‘feelings’ of a group of persons.

“We would also like to remind the State of its role in protecting rather than curbing legitimate expression,” the letter read. Also, they have brought to the notice of the police officials that they are receiving threats from people who are objecting to the event.

One organisation has even announced a prize money of Rs 1001 for every person who comes to the city to attack those engaged in the event, according to organisers.

“We are informing you that there is this threat to us and we will not let this stifle our voices and prevent us from exercising our fundamental rights. It is your duty to protect us from these threats and take all necessary action against these persons and organisations.”

Not giving it up

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Vijayan Kallil, media co-ordinator for the event in Bengaluru, said they were absolutely not giving it up.

The police have told them that it would take another three to four days for them to analyse the contents of the letter.

“After this, we will discuss with the NGOs that are in our support and intimate the status to the public,” he added.

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