Over 90 flights hit due to thick fog, cable fault at airport

Almost 45 domestic departures and 25 arrivals were delayed by two to five hours and 17 international flights were diverted to Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Six domestic flights, including those belonging to Jet Airways, JetLite, SpiceJet and Kingfisher, were cancelled, airport sources said.

No flight could take off or land from 0200 hours when runway visibility dropped to 100 metres and a major glitch occurred in the cables connected to the Instrument Landing System (ILS) that measures and provides real-time runway visibility data to the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower. This forced the ATC officials to suspend all flight operations.
The cable fault was rectified partially by 1000 hours and flight operations resumed at 1030 hours, the sources said, adding that several of the diverted international flights were given the green signal to come in to Delhi.

With runway visibility improving by mid-day to 800 metres, flights were resumed using two main runways equipped with Category-III B ILS that allows flight operations when runway visibility is less than 100 metres.

Earlier, none of them could be used as the instrument could not provide the information to the ATC due to the cable fault, they added.

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