Lokayukta pins hopes on younger generation

Speaking at an interactive session with reporters of Deccan Herald and Prajavani here, Justice Hegde shared his thoughts and said, “Somewhere in my mind, a thought tells me that the younger generation has the ability to weed out corruption. That is why I am focussing on educating the younger generation on the ill-effects of corruption” .

“I have lost faith in my generation. However, the present generation seems to provide some flicker of hope. Since the time I have assumed office as Lokayukta, I have visited 131 colleges and interacted with students. Even if a few of them vow not to be corrupt, they are going to bring about tangible change in the society,” observed the Lokayukta.

Make a collective

He said, “Individuals alone cannot fight the system that is seeped in corruption. They should bring acts of corruption to the notice of the Lokayukta or forge associations and then try to combat the issue.”


He recalled his days as a Judge of the Supreme Court. “Corruption took roots in the country, soon after independence itself. But, it was confined only to a few, at the top echelons of power. However, its has grown leaps and bounds today and is prevalent everywhere. To root out corruption is not easy and I will not say that a fight against it would yield results tomorrow itself. But, to instill new hopes in the mind of youth, gives hope and strength in the fight against it. Since taking over this post, I have paid a visit to 131 schools and explained the situation to children” Justice Hegde said.  

He said “Lokayuka police have apprehended hundreds of corrupt officials, with substantial evidence. But, what is painful is the investigation that has been followed and allowing them to go scot free.”

*Sixty years ago people hardly saw corruption and it was at microscopic level. Today, it must be 1,000 times more.

*A government is meant for all. But now, “it is of someone, by someone and for someone”.

*We wanted to make the Lokayukta a model office and we have done it. “It is basic courtesy to offer a chair to who visit government office. Even that it is not done. But let people visit our office. Anybody can visit our office and see how we function. It is open to all.

*I am holding public offices from 1984. I own no land. I have an apartment. I am content and don’t require anything. I get sound sleep because my conscience is clear.

*I like the job I do. I enjoyed six-and-half-years’ of my service as a judge. It gave me immense satisfaction. Without people’s support it is not possible to fight corruption. 

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