Grace in silence

He was able to accomplish this as he had transcended all human limitations and was in union with the supreme power. Hence he radiated his spiritual influence all around in an unceasing manner.

The following words of Swami Madhavatirtha explain this succinctly. "When a visitor asked Bhagawan as to why he did not go around preaching the truth he had realized, the reply was "real teaching is possible only through silence". The duality which is necessarily involved in verbal teaching (the teacher and the taught) is entirely eliminated in silence. Moreover, for truth to be truth it must be universal and all inclusive. That state, which at once transcends and includes the three states of mind (waking, dreaming and deep sleep) is known as sahaja stithi."This was the state of Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi, whose silence was more potent than a thousand spoken words. Having risen to the highest state of consciousness where there is no duality, he exercised his benign influence over countless devotees.

The learned and the ignorant, the prince and the peasant all came to him and were bedazzled by the sheer brilliance of his spiritual effulgence and all returned richer owing to spending few minutes or hours in his presence. In his presence, the most common experience was an inexplicable feeling of calmness and serenity, as if one was immersed in an ocean of bliss. The words of a few devotees speak thus." His narrowed eyes pierced me with an intensity I cannot describe...and then quietness, a depth of peace, an indescribable lightness and happiness"-Arthur Osborne. He began to prove his teaching that the outer Guru serves to awaken the Guru in the heart.

Only the constant enquiry " Who am I" gives the awareness of the self." " I felt a tremendous peace in his presence. It was not as though I were meeting him for the first time. It seemed that I had always known him"- Sadhu Arunachala " I had stupidly brought a piece of paper on which I had written a number of questions I wanted to ask him. I fumbled for it in my pocket, but the questions were already answered  by merely being in his presence. There was no need for questions or answers. I definitely saw life differently after being in his presence, a presence that just by merely "being" was sufficient spiritual nourishment for a lifetime"-Mercedes de Acosta. This enlightened master continues to emanate his grace from his Samadhi in Tiruvannamalai.

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